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Naperville Community High School Class of 1962 - Latest News

09-19-2012 - Recognizing Our Military Veterans

The class of 1962 entered adult life in the midst of the Vietnam Conflict and many of our classmates served their country during the following years. Our goal is to identify all who served. It is recognized that the following listing may be incomplete. If you or someone you know served and is not included here or you can provide needed corrections, if any, please send an e-mail to jerrykuhn1@gmail;.com with pertinent data and it will be gladly added to the list.

Jim Allan - retired Admiral, US Navy, Supplies, service in Viet Nam

Majorie Blair Laws - Nurse, USAF

Dwayne Burgess - 30-year career, USAF, weather related assignments

Rhett Dawson - Intelligence Officer, US Army,service in Germany

Jim Enck - US Army, service in Viet Nam

Chuck Erb - 4 years service, USAF

Rick Fender - 3 years, US Army Artillery, service in Korea

Larry Fink - US Army, died from complications of exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam

Steve Hajek - US Army, Military Police

Don Jensen - 3 years USAF Corps

Gail Kennedy Morrison - USAF - Psychologist

Ron Koelling - 6 years, USAF, navigator service in Viet Nam

Chuck Koretke - US  Navy, service in the waters off the coast of Viet Nam

Jerry Kuhn - US Army, Big Red 1, Records Clerk, service in Viet Nam

Rod Landorf - 6 years,  US Army - Aviation, service in Viet Nam

Howard Lemcke - US Army, service in Viet Nam, awarded the Purple Heart

Bob Levee -√ā¬†Career in the Army, helicopter pilot and later a nurse, awarded the purple Heart, a Bronze Star and other awards, service in Viet Nam and Desert Storm

Don Mengedoth - 3 years, US Army, artillary

Ralph Miceli - 4 years, USAF

Bob Moede - 3 years, US Navy, Chaplain

Bert Neighbour - 4 years, USAF

Vince Ory - US Army, artillary, service in Viet Nam

Tom Owens - US Army - Army Security Agency

Jerry Patton - 4 years, USAF, pilot, service in Viet Nam

Bill Perkins - 3 years, US Army, Signal Corps, service in Viet Nam

Carl Schweikert - Army, Capt - 10 years, Germany and Viet Nam, 2 Bronze Stars, 2 Air Medals, Joint Services Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal

Al Sullender - US Army, Signal Corp, service in Viet Nam

Steve Swenson - Illinois National Guard

Jim Watson - 4 years, US Navy, Communications Officer

Gordon Witt - Army. Service in Viet Nam

Tom Young - Civil Air Patrol


08-07-2012 - NCHS Mural

A great article about the indian settlement mural that was almost lost can be read at the following web site. Take a look!

08-02-2012 - Up-date your personal information

Up-date or correct your own personal information by enetering the web site at . Click on "Contact Classmates", then "Update my Info". On the next screen you must enter your first and last name at the top of the form. You can then enter any information that you wish to CHANGE or ADD. Note that previously entered information is not effected and will remain in the system. You can also add pictures under the headings of then and now. After you have entered your up-dates or corrections answer the simple "verification" question near the bottom of the page and finally - and this is important - click on "up date my information" at the bottom of the page. If all else fails, contact Jerry Kuhn at for any needed help.

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